Pauline Koinis


Having not one, but two near death experiences, Pauline passionately shares all she has learned about stress, cancer the immune system and the will to live.

For over 25 yrs as a Medical Intuitive, an Ayurvedic, Shamanic and Yoga Practitioner she will help guide you through the many modalities you can use to heal dis-ease. Personalized medicine or tailoring your treatments to the individualized characteristics of your body, is paramount in breaking the paradigm of cookie cutter treatments.

Pauline uses dialog, a deep intuitive connection to the Divine and various other teachings including, but not limited to reflexology, tarot cards, hands on healing, shamanism, astrology and her pure plant medicine to assist you in cultivating your somatic self.   You will learn to connect to your deepest, most intimate sense of your soul and in return, heal your health, patterns and limiting beliefs.

When she is not helping others you can find her traveling to spiritual places, singing, dancing, walking on the beach with her dog, Poe or riding her motorcycle down long winding roads!

“GET OUT OF YOUR MIND AND IN TO YOUR SENSES”®  by contacting Pauline today!