Pauline Koinis


Get out of your mind and into your senses

Pauline is a medical intuitive with over 25 years experience. Having not one, but two near-death experiences, Pauline is a survivor of stage IV Ovarian cancer. Forging her own path to wellness, Pauline will help you navigate—just as she did— the complex world of treatment options and choices within the allopathic and integrative modalities. As your one-on-one coach, Pauline uses her medical intuitive abilities, dialog, reflexology, hands-on-healing, and pure plant medicine to create a personalized ‘medicine’  tailored to your body and your needs. You will learn to connect to your deepest, most intimate sense of your soul and in return, heal your health, patterns, and limiting beliefs.

When she is not coaching, Pauline is working with a partner to create a non-profit organization to improve the quality of organic soil, utilizing organic seeds to create organic herbal remedies for optimal healing — the soil-seed-cell ‘Thrivorship’ program.
Pauline’s first book, Cancer IS Personal, in which she shares her healing journey and offers advice, suggestions, and details of the products and protocols that supported her along the way, will be available shortly.
When not writing, counseling, and speaking, Pauline travels to spiritual places, sings, dances, walks on the beach with her dog, Poe, and rides her motorcycle down long winding roads!