Client Satisfaction

Getting a cancer diagnosis is terrifying and figuring out a plan of attack requires learning a whole new language you probably never wanted to learn in the first place. I knew from the outset of my diagnosis with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma that I would need to assemble a team of experts to teach me this new language and provide me with options, so I felt empowered rather than victimized by both the disease and the, sometimes impersonal, industry built around treating it. Pauline has been an essential part of that team. Her advice, counsel and expertise have helped me take a more holistic approach to treating my illness alongside the excellent work of my skilled and experienced oncologist. I wouldn’t want to go through this without her.

Paul, Litchfield, CT

When I started working with Pauline, I was unsure of what to expect. The journey with her has opened up a new understanding of what my inner self needs, and how I got myself into a bad place. She worked with both my mind and my spirit, and helped me connect to myself in ways I had never done before. She helped me down the path of healing my soul and heart and enriched my understanding of myself.  I highly recommend working with her.

Sharon, PhD, NYC

I was at somewhat of a low point my life. I was tired, angry, and far overworked. I just didn’t feel right. This lead to me one day noticing I couldn’t see much out of my right eye. After a couple days I went in to Tufts medical center and took an MRI. They found a benign tumor (meningioma) that was strangling my optic nerve. It got serious quick. The doctors said it was close to the brain, and radiation was needed immediately. Now I had previous bad experiences with western medicine in the past, so I was extremely skeptical of the radiation and wanted to try an alternative method if possible. I also knew there was deeper healing needed and it wasn’t just about my eye. Fortunately for me, I had Pauline in my life to turn to in this situation. She began helping me right away and within days I was down there for a session. This was the wholesome healing I so desperately needed. When I first arrived we sat down to discuss the situation. I had no idea how deep and impactful this discussion would be. This talk led to heavy realizations and deeper explanations of things I always felt, but couldn’t express. I couldn’t believe how accurate all the readings were. Everything she said made so much sense, it was truly amazing and resonated deeply with me. I felt I had someone on my side that gets it, someone I can trust, and someone to turn to that understands the bigger picture way more than myself. Soon enough I broke down and was in tears for the first time in a long time. Again, I desperately needed this. It was the start of my healing journey that would end up changing my life drastically. From there we did a session on the table that deeply cleansed some serious toxic energy I had been building up. I believe she started at my feet, which once again led to an accurate description of what was happening with me internally, this time with the body. She then went through some other unique and powerful Shamanic techniques that left me feeling light, tired, and cleansed. I felt like my body was now in a place to start healing. After the session we discussed a plan including diet and healing supplements. We used CBD and pure plant concentrate, which helped me rest and continued to put my body in a place to heal throughout treatment. I am always in motion so these products really helped slow me down, rest, and recover. After leaving that session I felt much better about where I was at and where I was going.

I also work in the field of health and fitness and so everything we did was very interesting and informative as well. I really enjoyed learning from her throughout this process. You see, Pauline not only helped me heal, but helped me align with my true path and where my life would go next. I would not be where I am today without her and I am extremely grateful for that.

J. Perkins                                                                                                                                                                                    December 2018

” A body work session with Pauline takes you way beyond a simple massage: Not only does she iron out kinks and ease aches and pains, as a highly intuitive healer, she connects mind, body and spirit in a powerful way that accelerates healing.

Caro P.   Ancramdale, NY



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During a recent visit to Connecticut, I had the good fortune to find my way to Pauline for massage therapy and breathing instruction.  My experience was incredible – totally exceeding my highest expectations.  I had never received “formal” breathing instruction, so I had much to learn.  But even after my first session with Pauline, I was able to use the simple practices she taught me to relax and reenergize. As for the massage therapy I received, it couldn’t have been better.  Pauline doesn’t just rub your back to make you feel good, she actually provides genuine therapeutic treatment for your whole body. I can’t recommend Pauline highly enough.

– Tom M.
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A day is not a good day without some sort of connection to Pauline.  Her wealth of knowledge and skill in all areas brings some sense of balance. She is highly attuned to what works and although asks nothing – get’s the soul.  Her treatments has raised the bar impossibly high.

Calla, CA

I have never been involved in meditation or massage but have had a recent opportunity to experience this with Pauline. Both have opened my eyes and emotions to things I have not ever been involved with. Pauline has done a stupendous job of making me feel comfort, relaxed and open. I believe she has an extraordinary gift and if opportunity was to arise I recommend to all.

Rocky Canada

I have traveled the world and have had many different kinds of massage and body treatments, but none can compare to what Pauline brings to the table.  From her assessment in the beginning of session through reflexology, she was able to find where all of my tight muscles were along with weakness in my adrenal glands and eyes.  With this in mind, she tailored the session to what MY body needed.  She used amazing oils at the end of the massage.  I think she must have the softest hands on the planet!

Vickie, Canada

I am a beginner to Yoga and contacted Pauline to help get me started.  She gently guided me through the basics and taught in a clear, concise way, which made me feel comfortable and at ease.   Through the breathing exercise she showed me I am able to calm myself down in stressful situations.  I have since started taking her group class that I enjoy very much.

Trish, CT USA


I had always wanted to learn meditation but thought there was no way I could sit like a pretzel and calm my mind, but Pauline taught me with humor and love that I can meditate all day long!  Who knew!

Kevin, NY

Hello Pauline,

Thank you for the special care and friendship during my 3 weeks; it has changed me profoundly and you have played a very special part in that.

Laurent V. Canada


Pauline is a gifted yogini who brings her knowledge of yoga and other modalities onto the mat. She has helped me deepen my yoga practice and get in touch with my body. Pauline’s classes will challenge you physically, inspire you mentally and touch you spiritually.

—-Alison L.

I recently attended Pauline’s Restorative/Yin Yoga Workshop at Charym. It was an incredibly nurturing experience. Pauline brings a vast wealth of background knowledge to her workshops. She is a very gifted instructor who can quickly assess exactly what adjustment or prop each participant needs to help them come into a pose with greater depth. She is encouraging and compassionate .  This workshop was very restorative on all levels -physically, mentally and spiritually. I felt renewed and relaxed at the end of our session. It certainly made me realize how valuable this type of experience can be. Pauline creates an almost magical afternoon for anyone who desires balance and stress relief from their everyday life. I highly recommend this workshop! You will not be disappointed!


I left your restorative yoga workshop so energized, joyful and feeling to in tune with myself. I thank you with sincerest gratitude for presenting this wonderful workshop on a cold Sunday afternoon. It was perfect! I felt the love and amazing positive energy throughout the entire workshop session.


I was also so taken by your experiences in the world of yoga and your extensive knowledge of yoga. Thank you for sharing your positive affirmations during the workshop. It was truly a gift to be presented with your expertise throughout the session.


I have been dealing with severe shoulder pain for the last 4 months. I have tried chiropractic treatments, I was so happy that I was able to complete your 2 1/2 workshop. You instilled a strong sense of healing and confidence into me and I am so grateful to you. I would love to take one of your weekly classes!


I am so happy that I finally got to meet you Pauline. Thank you again for this workshop. I was on such a yoga high all week after your workshop.


Overall I truly enjoyed the workshop. I look forward to participating in more as my schedule allows. One element that I feel could potentially enhance the experience would be the addition of an aromatherapy component


Hope to attend one of your classes or workshops soon.

hi enjoyed your workshop and your knowledge   thought it was just right and would like more of the same  thanks