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Ulpotha, Sri Lanka

One of Asia’s most extraordinary ecotourism projects came into being at the place where elephant paths crossed, Shiva’s son had a shrine built and a prince fled with his legendarily beautiful but poor lover. Rebuilt as a traditional farming village, Ulpotha lies in the middle of former Ceylon’s deepest jungle next to a small lake, surrounded by seven hills in which ascetics and shamans still meditate in their caves.


Valley Spirit Coop, CT

A wonderful Art, Cooperative and Wellness Center nestled in the Northwest Corner of Ct. only 1.5 hours from NYC. We offer a variety of yoga, tai chi, and chi gong classes along with personalized bodywork and acupuncture treatments. A wonderful place to come in and enjoy a cup of tea while you peruse the lovely salon.


Sri Yoga Shala, Sri Lanka

A holistic outdoor retreat space for Yoga, Meditation, Bodywork, Arts and Creativity.

A holy place for our physical, mental, and spiritual health. A place for purity and wisdom, love and respect. A place for the practice and study of body-mind awareness and a haven for the clarity of our hearts.

It’s a temple for healing.

Healthy Bridges - From Soil to Seed to Cell

A conversation on the endocannabinoid system and the many modalities of healing.

Christina Trout, LaLa Gardens, talks to health, wellness and medical professionals about personal health experiences and what they’ve seen in the field with patients.

Jordan Person, LPN, LMT, CEO, Primal Healing & Primal Health
Christy Thiel, Director of Education,
Pauline Koinis, Alternative Health Practitioner
Sharon Louise Montes MD, Living Well Whole Health
Leighton Morrison, Kingdom Aquaponics


When I started working with Pauline, I was unsure of what to expect. The journey with her has opened up a new understanding of what my inner self needs, and how I got myself into a bad place. She worked with both my mind and my spirit, and helped me connect to myself in ways I had never done before. She helped me down the path of healing my soul and heart and enriched my understanding of myself. I highly recommend working with her.

Sharon, PhD, NYC

I have traveled the world and have had many different kinds of massage and body treatments, but none can compare to what Pauline brings to the table. From her assessment in the beginning of session through reflexology, she was able to find where all of my tight muscles were along with weakness in my adrenal glands and eyes. With this in mind, she tailored the session to what MY body needed. She used amazing oils at the end of the massage. I think she must have the softest hands on the planet!

Vickie, Canada